Patterns for 100 grams – Wrist Warmers and Coffee Sleeve Set

Patterns for 100 grams – Wrist Warmers and Coffee Sleeve Set

What can you do with only 100g of yarn?

My ‘100g’ for this project, a kettle dyed hank of pinks, oranges, and green, striped and speckled

I went over it a little bit in my last post, where I linked to my 100 gram Legwarmer pattern, but I’m sort of obsessed right now with seeing what can be made from a single hank of hand dyed yarn. Never again will we be stuck with the conundrum of “I have the most beautiful luxury yarn, but what can I even make with it?” (And, we don’t have to settle for just hats anymore!) Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have a full book of these patterns. But for now I’m releasing them one at a time, for $2 each.

So pattern number two of this “100g of yarn” series is another pattern for DK yarn. DK, also known as Weight 3 or Garment Weight, is my current favorite weight of yarn for its ability to look as elegant as a light weight yarn, while offering the convenience of worsted weight.

What I also love about this pattern is that it uses a variation of the Puff stitch, which has a smooth and natural feeling. It’s incredibly soft, and it displays the yarn just like it would look in the hank! I love this pattern specifically for speckled yarns, but variegated or tonal colorways (those things which can be so hard to find patterns for) would also work perfectly. I love the idea of giving this pattern as a gift along with one hank of luxury yarn, or giving the whole set as a gift (if my Facebook friends are anything to go by, people are dying to have a piece of this cuteness in their lives).

I never knew how much I needed my wrist warmers to match my coffee sleeve, but I don’t think I can ever go back to not matching my beverages again!

Find the pattern in my Ravelry store! As always, if you do make this project, feel free to tag me on Instagram at #knottymagpie to show it off! I’d love to see your work 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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