Patterns for 100 Grams – Pom Pom Cowl

Patterns for 100 Grams – Pom Pom Cowl

Another installment of the “what can you do with 100 grams?” patterns! Today: A quirky, cute, cheerful pom pom cowl.

Fact: Pom Poms combat seasonal depression

Look, I only have one winter coat. Mixing things up with cute neckwear is vital. So today’s pattern set out to prove that you can get a decent sized, warm cowl, with pom poms, with only 100 grams of dk yarn.

I measured out exactly how much yarn you need for the pom poms, and how you can make them with only a scrap of cardboard, and translated that into a simple pattern that a beginner could follow. I used stitches that served my two main purposes: Make the most of the limited amount of yarn, and add texture that compliments hand dyed colorways.

The pom poms are attached to a draw string, to pull the cowl closer to your neck when it’s cold outside!

So if your cold weather gear could use a zap of happy, fun energy, consider checking out the pattern in my Ravelry shop!

Ultimately it will become part of my larger book of patterns. But until then, like all the other patterns, it’ll stay at 2 bucks.

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