Patterns for 100 grams: Legwarmers

Patterns for 100 grams: Legwarmers

What can I do with only one skein of yarn?

Hand dyed, variegated yarn, DK weight

One skein crochet patterns are definitely some of my favorites. But even so, it’s tough to find patterns that are for only 100 grams of hand dyed yarn. If you’re like me you’ve probably clung to one hank of beautiful yarn waiting for ‘the perfect pattern’, thinking about how you don’t want to ‘waste it’. After all, some hanks are expensive! And if it’s one of a kind, how do you know the pattern will be worth the yarn? And 100 grams is not a lot, when it comes to DK yarn (aka, size 3).

But I love DK yarn, and I feel it’s criminally underrepresented in crochet. Also called Garment weight, DK has the ability to offer elegant drape and beautiful texture. It’s the step between the lightweight yarns that will take a week to get through, and the more common and bulky worsted weight. Weight 3 yarn is all the elegance, with all the convenience.

So I’ve been on a DK dyeing spree. And I’m working on a book of pattern meant to suit just this niche of 100 grams of yarn in weight 3. But that’s not the only niche, here. Have you ever tried to find the perfect pattern for variegated, speckled, or tonal yarn? It’s just nearly impossible to search for! Variegated colorways in particular need some careful attention to show their potential, as their drastic color changes can interfere with some patterns, or be made to look confusing. The beauty of the yarn can be lost if the stitches aren’t right for it.

So the patterns I have in mind suit certain needs:

  • Focus heavily on texture
  • Make hand dyed yarn look as beautiful as it did in the hank
  • Use clever stitches to maximize your small amount of yardage
  • Include a set of repeats so that if you have more or less yardage, the pattern can be personalized to suit your yarn
  • Focus on stretch and comfortable fits rather than rigid form
  • Make the most of luxurious-feeling, soft, high quality yarn

The Legwarmers!

My finished legwarmers, 11.5 in L, 6 in W (2 inch stretch)

My first pattern in this series is for this highly textured set of legwarmers. Ideally, you could use any size of yarn you wanted, if you’re good at measuring for yourself. Otherwise, stick to the DK weight, and follow the stitch counts offered in the pattern. I love this pattern for 100g hanks of hand dyed yarn, but of course any will do.

However, if you are using a limited quantity of yarn, I highly, highly advise using a kitchen scale to split your hank in half. I do this by caking the yarn into a usable ball, then I place that ball on the scale and just wind a second ball from it directly until both are of equal weight. By doing this, you’ll know that you will get two even legwarmers, even if you have a little more or little less yarn in your 100g hank than I did. In my 75/25 wool nylon blend I used 245 yards, but I have notes in the pattern for adjusting to suit your yardage.

Every pattern in this series will be 2 dollars, but soon I will compile them all into a single book as a discount once I’ve made a few more! The patterns (and book) will be available for a discount in my Etsy Shop with the purchase of any one of a kind hand dyed DK yarn (coming very soon, once I restock!)

For now, the pattern is available in my Ravelry Shop!

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