Microwave Bobble Bowl Cozies

Microwave Bobble Bowl Cozies

I have a mild obsession with those really cheap 2.5 ounce balls of cotton yarn. (Lily’s Sugar N’ Cream, or Peaches And Creme for example.) I think they come in really beautiful muted colors, and the low price makes me snag a few every time I go out. I’m always trying to find new ways to use them, and I don’t think I’ve seen too many bowl cozies around! So without further ado- My Microwave Bobble Bowl Cozies are now available for free on Ravelry! Click here for the free pattern

I use these all the time since I’ve started making them. They come together really quickly, and use very little yarn. I was also looking for a project that I could make without referring too often to a pattern or having to think too hard about counting or sizing. Just busywork, y’know?

So I wrote this pattern for microwavable, machine washable, cotton bowl cozies! The idea is really simple and honestly you could add any design you wanted to the basic shape. These were my first attempt at writing out a cute pattern for a matching set using four colors, but I plan to have more soon!

To use them, just slip the cozy on the bowl before you fill it. Then microwave your leftovers and enjoy not burning your hands or lap! I particularly like this idea for serving people who are laid up in bed, or who are elderly. For anyone who rests their bowl in their lap, it’s super convenient and much safer to have some protection. That’s why it’s important to use cotton only for things like this! Just toss them in the wash with your towels and washcloths if they get food on them. Be sure to have secure color changes and woven in ends, though.

I also really like this idea for adding some more products to gift baskets or any home-goods themed gift. It’s one of those things you don’t think you need, until you have them. I own literally like two bowls and I still have about ten of them because they’re so simple to make and I use them all the time. Great use for scrap cotton yarn, too!

Feel free to sell the finished product, and be sure to tag me on Instagram @KnottyMagpie if you finish your own set! I’d love to see your work 🙂 And check out my Gallery page for more cool patterns and projects!


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