Lacy Leaves Hat – Free Crochet Pattern!

Lacy Leaves Hat – Free Crochet Pattern!

Exciting News!

Happy to announce that the Lacy Leaves hat is available now as a free download! This hat is made using my technique for a very stretchy brim, to cover your ears and be comfortable. I wanted something that could use just one skein of sock weight wool yarn. My first attempt was with varigated yarn (Tokyo Shrine from my Etsy shop), but it made it difficult to see the lace. The second attempt came out much better, and I used it all winter 🙂

The hat is also available as both a beanie and a slouch hat. Just add an extra repeat of the lace pattern to make it longer, as noted in the pattern.

Full credit for the lace goes to My Picot who have instructions on using this lace to make a scarf! What I did was redo the pattern so that it could be worked in the round, without turning chains, which meant recounting and flipping every other row of the original pattern. It took a few days but I think it turned out well worth it! I also added my brim like I mentioned before.

Check out the pattern and I hope to see your versions of this hat! Pin the pattern to spread the word and tag me on Instagram if you have it with @KnottyMagpie 🙂 And check out my other crochet patterns in the gallery or in my Ravelry shop.

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    • I just fixed it! haha sorry I’m a little newbie to Ravelry and haven’t uploaded there in a long time. But I went back and made sure to activate the listing so it should show up now!

  1. Hello there,

    I am working through the Lacy Leaves hat pattern and am stuck at R5–what happens to the d3tog from R4? This isn’t noted in R5, so I am confused as to what to do with this stitch.

    Thanks in advance for your clarification!

  2. Do you have finished measurements for the hat? I am working on the brim and it seems extremely long. Is there a gauge for this pattern? That might help. I am using light fingering, 100g 400m yarn with E hook and making an adult sized hat.

  3. Do you have finished measurements for the hat? I am working on the brim and it seems extremely long. Is there a gauge for this pattern? That might help. I am using light fingering, 100g 400m yarn with E hook and making an adult sized hat.

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  5. Do you have a video suggestion how to do R3 in the body. How do I work into the group of nine, into the group of 3, thank you. I am a visual learner so if I could see it in a video it would be very helpful to me.

    • I do not have a video, sorry! When it says “Work into group of nine” it means that there is a group of nine DC in a row, and to do the next stitch at the beginning of that group of dc. When it says “into group of three” it means there are 3 dc in a row, and to do the stitch in the first of that group.

  6. I almost always read all the way through a pattern before I try it out, and that was the case with yours. I understood what you meant, but I figured I d try to make sure no one else got confused by it. I m about to make this hat for a layette for a friend of mine (because it uses the same shell pattern as the skirt of the dress I made). I d love to send you pics of the finished layette if you d like! When I am on my tablet and want to print something, I copy and paste it into my email, then email a copy to myself. Then I can access it on my desktop, where I can print it out. Does that help?

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