What’s This? (Info Post!)

What’s This? (Info Post!)

Thank you for stopping by my site! Here’s a little info of who I am, what I do, and what this site is about.

Site Info

Knotty Magpie is a business based on hand dyed yarn, handwoven goods, crochet projects, and original crochet patterns. Follow the link to my Etsy Store in the menu above to see what’s in stock! Otherwise I’ll be posting various projects in the Blog,  as well as new products, previews, discount and sales announcements, and more. If you want to just see the cream of the crop, I’m also hosting galleries of my best work, up in the menu under Galleries.

If you enjoy crafting and creativity and want to stick around for the handmade blog, I’m glad to have you! Or, if you’re looking for a special gift for mom, or even just treating yourself to some luxurious hand dyed yarn, I hope you can find something you enjoy in my shop! You may also be interested in my Pinterest, where I have almost a dozen crochet boards alone, as well as my Instagram if you’d like to fuzzy up your feed.

The Projects

While the primary focus will be fiber art, there will also be various blog posts about DIY and upcycling projects, fiction writing, or whatever I’m working on that day. The blog will be personal, and will include lots of photo tutorials for projects.

The bigger things will be handwoven scarves and shawls, tapestry woven pillows and totes, crochet, and crochet patterns. These are what I will be selling in the shop. Right now I own one rigid heddle loom, and one tapestry loom. I dye all of the yarn I weave with, myself. Most of my crochet pieces are freehanded.

The Author

I’m so glad you have taken some time to look around! I’m Maggy, and Knotty Magpie is my studio, outlet, business, and time-taker-upper. I will keep this brief; in short, I’m a 23 year old lady who packed up and left California to be with my sweetheart, Zion, in Pennsylvania. We are getting married in June, and we live in a cozy home together with our cats and dogs.

This business is more than just money or even creative expression to me. Earlier this year I quit my job as a floral designer so that I could be home full time. Zion, who has been wheelchair bound for almost his entire life, was supportive of this decision as it allowed me to stay home with him. Working from home means that I can be there for my fiance, and earn some money to start our lives.

Please feel free to comment and let me hear from you!

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