First EVER Handspun Yarn!

First EVER Handspun Yarn!

Sooo hyped you guys seriously! I never, ever thought I could get into the world of handspinning yarn, since a good wheel would set you back at least a few hundred bucks. Then, and I couldn’t make this up, I found this wheel.

I FOUND it. Abandoned, unloved, just waiting for a home! No joke, if I had any good karma, I used it all up on this find and I’ll have bad luck for the next ten years. This was AMAZING! I ordered some roving immediately.

I’ve never dyed grey wool before, so the colors came out a little.. unpredictably. But for my first ever attempt, not too bad! … right?

Ok so it’s kind of bad. The colors are hideous and the tension is all OVER the place. But I’m over here like the proud parent of an ugly baby and I just love it so much anyways.

How’d I do for my first time??

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