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So in proper Magpie fashion, I haven’t posted anything since April! And honestly, those posts were probably just the Ravelry patterns I was putting up. Ah well. You don’t practice as many hobbies as I do if you’re good at staying focused on stuff. But I feel like writing tonight, so hopefully I can throw some posts up on this bad boy and keep the momentum going.

I think the best way to review what I’m working on is just to look at my Pinterest feed. Things this past year have been all over the place, creatively speaking. But one huge thing I’ve been trying to get better at has actually just been baking. Not just things that taste good, but baked goods that are beautiful. I wanted to push myself try new recipes that seemed complicated, or produced a stunning result. And this definitely, definitely wasn’t the result of binge-watching too much Great British Baking Show.

Look at this fancy bread, it’s beautiful. The original recipe is here, and this isn’t an endorsement or whatever but I think it’s good form to share recipes. My only adjustments were that I used pumpkin spice instead of cardamom because I’m basic and Tuaca to soak the cherries instead of brandy because it’s what I had on hand. I love Tuaca, which is a brandy liquer with vanilla and citrus, and I think my loaf came out fantastic. Even if I can’t take as pretty of a picture at the pinterest person. funny story, I also had to roll the dough out to 9×30 inches, and my cutting board as it turns out is only about 25 inches across. so imagine me in the cramped corner of my kitchen trying to stack cutting boards out to roll this huge piece of dough all the while cursing at it like “you’re gona be effing delicious you stupid POS” like a crazy person covered in flour. 10/10 recommend this recipe, it’s not as hard as it looks.


Following that I got into bread baking, pie decorating, and now cookie decorating and macarons. Because why not? And I’m also picking up needle felting again, as well as weaving and freeform crochet. But to keep this post from dragging on too long, I’m going to just call it for the time being and get back to the pizza in my oven. Until next time, have a good night and happy new year!

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