Crochet Patterns

Past Crochet Projects

The Original 3D Printing


My first inspiration for crochet pattern writing came from the yarn itself. I worked at a popular chain of craft store, and stocking the yarn quickly became my favorite task. I fell in love with a particular mixed media yarn than altered between thick roving, braided rope, chains, and glittery plastic. This experimental take on the ancient art of spinning would set me on a path of love for all fiber arts.

Since that first yarn love, I've grown as an artist. I write my own patterns, I free hand crochet, I create my own indie dyes and handwoven textiles. I am constantly experimenting with new colors and designs.

My favorite works so far have come from photo inspiration. I love to test my crochet ability by trying to recreate something I've seen in real life. Another inspiration to learn to crochet was to make custom dolls from Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. I enjoy turningĀ  an abstract concept into a tangible, squishable object.


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