About the Studio

Knotty Magpie is a one-woman studio based out of York, Pennsylvania. The business was created by Maggy Strong, and has been in operation since November of 2017. As of now, all handwoven textiles are made on an Ashford rigid heddle floor loom, or a tabletop loom handmade by Eden Bullrushes Inc.

Crocheted items are typically done freehand, and we supply both paid and free crochet patterns. Hand dyed yarn is typically wool, dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes in a variety of methods ranging from kettle dye, hand paints, and dip dyes.

You can see everything that is available for sale in the Etsy Shop. Sales and promotions will be posted in the Blog area of this site, and subscribers can stay up to date via email. If you prefer to save your patterns on Ravelry, we have a page there as well. Or, you can fuzzy up your Instagram feed by following us, and taking part in our giveaways.

About the Artist

Hello everyone! I'm Maggy, the Knotty Magpie. This business began as my passion project, to expand my skills in fiber arts. Since then, I have begun to narrow my focus on the style of art that I truly want to create.

I have always felt things in color; I even used to organize my music playlists based on the colors that the songs represented to me. There is a powerful feeling I get when I can take an abstract concept, and make it concrete. I love to see an image, and recreate it in a tangible, three dimensional fashion. I love the mathematical precision of crochet, as well as the free form art of it.

When it comes to weaving, I often spend quite a bit of time reflecting on the women of the past. I feel very connected to our history when I weave. I think about women who had no other options in life but to make clothing, to keep their families warm or to earn money to keep them fed. I think about how each and every article of clothing must have been an intensive labor which took hours to complete by hand, I think about the fast-fashion industry, and the wastefulness of textiles in the modern world. I take immense pride in what I do, and I hope that people who appreciate handwoven goods share this mindset of appreciating quality and thoughtfulness in their wardrobes.

On a more personal level, I'm a 23 year old woman who moved from California to Pennsylvania in 2017 to be with my sweetheart, Zion. Originally I was a youth drama teacher, and theater has always been an immensely important part of my life. I worked as a floral designer in Pennsylvania, but when Zion and I began to live alone we decided it was best that I work from home. Zion has been wheelchair bound since childhood, and Knotty Magpie has become more than just a business to me.

This studio is how I can support my blossoming family and home while still being here to take care of things. It's my freedom, and my creative outlet. The time is meditative, and I listen to books while I work, or sit beside Zion. The support I've received from my family and friends, and from each customer, has made all of that possible.

My other hobbies and passions include fiction, reading, tabletop RPG's, painting, DIY crafts, floral arranging, interior decorating, and pretty much anything you can find in a craft store. I even sell original music from time to time! I have two dogs, Romeo and Lacy, both pit bull mixed, and four cats. It's a big wild house!

I sincerely hope that you've found something to enjoy on this site, and thank you again for visiting!

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